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Posted on: Jul 20 07:31 pm 2011 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Manhunt 2 Pulled from D2D

<p>Direct2Drive have ceased offering the PC version of Manhunt 2 in North America
since being acquired by the videogame rental service Gamefly. As it now stands,
there is no official way of purchasing Manhunt 2 for the PC. </p>
<p>GroveSrTLife received the following response from Rockstar on the matter:</p>
<p>There has been a change in ownership over at Direct2Drive. Gamefly, who is
the new owner, does not approve of Adult Rated games, and refused to offer
it on their Website now. And we also realize there is now no way for you to
acquire this game for your desired platform (PC).</p>
<p>We very much appreciate you bringing this too our attention, so much so that
we would like to genuinely show you. Please reply with your home Mailing address
for some free swag! A physical copy of Manhunt 2 might even accompany it.
<p>Best Regards, Sam H.</p>
<p>You can see some images of said swag by reading <a href="" target="_blank">GroveSrTLife's
thread</a> on the forums.</p>
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Posted on: Jul 08 09:51 pm 2011 by: pogo

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