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Red Dead News | Red Dead Redemption Out Today
It has been a long time coming but today marks the official release of Red Dead Redemption in North America, those in Europe and Australia can expect to pick the game up from this coming Friday.<br /><br />Over on <a href=" Dead Redemption#critics" target="_blank">Metacritic</a> the game is currently averaging a score of 95 on the Xbox 360 and 94 on the PlayStation 3.<br /><br /><p align="right"><strong><a href="">Add Comment</a></strong></p>
Posted on: May 18 08:20 am 2010 by: pogo

Site News & Updates | Regarding Our Recent Downtime
<p>As you may have noticed we experienced some down time over the past few days.
This was due to a server failure, while the server was rebuilding our data array
a second hard drive went down before the server could finish rebuilding, resulting
in the data becoming corrupted.</p>
<p>Unfortunately the most recent back up of the site dates back to December of
last year, so if you have signed up to the forums since last December then you
are unfortunately going to have to re-register.</p>
<p>We are currently trying to restore what other content we may have backed up
(news posts etc.) if you spot any old or missing content then please let us
know. </p>
<p>Additionally if you have emailed over the past few weeks then please could
you resend the e-mail as we have suffered a loss of mail as well.</p>
<p>I am very sorry about this and hope to see you all back on the forums.<br>
<p align="right"><strong><a href="">Add Comment</a></strong></p>
Posted on: May 14 04:47 pm 2010 by: pogo

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