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Red Dead News | Red Dead Referendum Public Vote
<P>Rockstar Games have teamed up with GameStop to offer fans a special pre-order
incentive. </p>
<P>Press release:</p>
<P>GameStop and Rockstar Games present the &#8220;Red Dead Referendum,&#8221;
a public vote to select the pre-order exclusive unlockable outfit for the
upcoming title, Red Dead Redemption. Polls are open now through Feb. 15 to
choose the outfit you like best for the game&#8217;s protagonist, John Marston.
Receive the winning in-game outfit and its special gameplay benefits as a
pre-order exclusive only through GameStop.</p>
<P>Anyone can vote up to once a day, but ballot box stuffing is encouraged since
each vote counts as an entry in a sweepstakes to win a trip to tour the old
west on the historic Grand Canyon Railway or daily prizes of $100 GameStop
gift cards.</p>

<P>The three outfits to choose from include:</p>
<P><STRONG>The Savvy Merchant</strong> buy guns and ammunition from
any gunsmith for half the cost <BR>
<STRONG>The Deadly Assassin</strong> regenerate your &#8220;Dead
Eye&#8221; targeting feature twice as fast <BR>
<STRONG>The Expert Hunter</strong> receive double skins and hides
when you kill an animal </p>

<P>Rockstar have released an accompanying video to show just what is up for offer:</p>
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<P>To cast your vote head over to the official <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">GameStop
Red Dead Referendum</a> page.</p>
<P> Thanks to Allie for contacting me with the information!</p><p align="right"><strong><a href="">Add Comment</a></strong></p>
Posted on: Feb 10 03:19 pm 2010 by: pogo

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