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Red Dead News | Gameplay Video Series: Weapons and Death
<P>Rockstar have released the second entry in their Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Video Series, this one titled "Weapons and Death". As you may have guessed from the video subject title it covers many of the weapons featured in the game, it also shows the games advanced cover system, "Dead Eye" targeting and the games physic based animations.</p>
<P ALIGN="center"><OBJECT HEIGHT="340" WIDTH="560"><PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE=""></param><PARAM NAME="allowFullScreen" VALUE="true"></param><PARAM NAME="allowscriptaccess" VALUE="always"></param><EMBED SRC="" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" HEIGHT="340" WIDTH="560"></object></p><P>Hands on previews of the game have been surfacing online over the past week; I&#8217;d recommend the <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Eurogamer</a>
and <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Video Games Daily</a> previews for those wishing to get caught up. Most previews are already praising the games audio, characters and the environmental atmosphere, a hallmark of Rockstar at this point.</p>
<P>Last and by no means least, Rockstar have finally announced that Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City will be making its way to the PlayStation 3 and Games for Windows Live on March 30th 2010. You can read the full announcement <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">here</a>.</p><p align="right"><strong><a href="">Add Comment</a></strong></p>
Posted on: Jan 29 02:59 pm 2010 by: pogo

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