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Manhunt 2 News | Dan Houser Comments on Manhunt 2
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Times
Online</a> have posted an interview with Rockstar Games Vice President Dan Houser.
Almost immediately the banning of Manhunt 2 is brought up, marking one of the few times where one of the Houser&#8217;s actually addresses the issue.</p>
<p>Manhunt 2 was not a good situation. When a game gets banned, it means we&#8217;re not doing our first job, of making the investors back their money.</p>
<p>A pretty grim, if not factual, comment to make, but there is more:</p>
<p>Look, video games are a popular and easy enemy. It&#8217;s all part and parcel of doing something that&#8217;s not been done before. One of the things that&#8217;s always been exciting is the feeling of being in at the birth of a new medium, but of course the history of technology-driven art from the printing press onwards has been of people fighting against that stuff. </p>
<p>It feels at last like we&#8217;re moving on from that debate. The audience
is getting past 30 so it all becomes a bit silly. That&#8217;s not to say
that all games are for all people; we&#8217;ve never said that. GTA has always
been rated 18 and we&#8217;ve always been very happy with that. </p>
<p>Nevertheless, we do get frustrated when video games are singled out and movies are given a free pass. Manhunt 2 was banned in the same week that Saw was released. The arguments become quite ludicrous quite quickly when people argue that games are somehow more dangerous than full-motion video. </p>
<p>Within Rockstar, sometimes we feel that some of our games get singled out and held up as pariahs. All we want to do is tell a story with rounded characters.
Like GoodFellas, which is a key film for us, our rounded characters happen to be criminals.</p>
<p>I&#8217;m not sure there is anything to take away from these comments beyond Rockstar was also bummed out about what happened to Manhunt 2.</p>
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