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Rockstar News | The Good, The Bad and The Unknown

This years <a href="" target="_blank">Develop
Awards</a> seen Rockstar studios take home a couple more awards for their efforts
over the past 12 months. The event saw Rockstar North named &quot;Best In-house
Studio&quot; for their work on Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned for the
Xbox 360, and Rockstar Leeds winning the &quot;Best Handheld Studio&quot; award
for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS
<p>While on the subject of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar recently announced that
the second episode of downloadable content exclusively for the Xbox 360 &quot;The
Ballad of Gay Tony&quot; will be available for download on the 29th of October,
2009. Additionally the game can be bought along side &#8220;The Lost and Damned&#8221;
as part of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City worldwide the same day.</p>
<p>Now with the good out the way, let&#8217;s direct our attention to the bad.
Take-Two announced that both Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 have been pushed
into 2010 alongside 2K&#8217;s Mafia II and BioShock 2. It will be interesting
to see what this means for other Rockstar titles in development, both announced
and unannounced. On the flip side of this, the Gearbox developed Borderlands
looks great, might be worth keeping an eye on.</p>
<p>Now for the uncertain, those of you who use the forums regularly have very
likely read about the possibility of further releases of Manhunt 2 for several
months now thanks to our very own &#8220;deepthroat&#8221;.</p>
<p>We first became aware of the possibility of this happening last year, just
prior to Manhunt 2 being released in the UK. At the time it was described to
us as the game coming to &#8220;higher end&#8221; formats, at the time we assumed
it could mean the PC and Xbox 360 just as Bully had done, when we ran it by
some folks we didn't receive any response, which isn't uncommon.</p>
<p>Manhunt 2 was finally given a UK release date, released and nothing more was
said of it for several months. Then in January Nvidia had a graphics card driver
leak, in said leak it contained Manhunt 2 profile support. I again reached out
to some people but had no response. I managed to get in contact with someone
from Nvidia, but they refused to offer support as they had not officially released
any such driver. </p>
<p>Upon re-enquiring with the support staff at Nvidia they advised me that they
didn&#8217;t have the release date for Manhunt 2 and requested that I contact
Take-Two for further information, when I informed the representative that Manhunt
2 PC hadn&#8217;t even been announced they told me that the support was for
the Nintendo Wii version of Manhunt 2. A little excessive for emulation support
I think. </p>
<p>Beyond the ever eminent shadow figures on the forums there hadn&#8217;t been
head or tail of further releases of Manhunt 2 for months. Then earlier this
month the ESRB listed an Adults Only version of Manhunt 2 for the &#8220;Windows
PC, Wii&#8221;, rather than run with it we decided to once again ask around
and hoped to receive a response as it now had additionally credibility to back
the legitimacy of it existing, but it has now been almost a week since we first
asked and the ESRB have now removed the listing, which we believe means no response
is forthcoming at this time.</p>
<p>There are numerous possibilities as to what might be behind this but we will
leave the guessing up to you, after all we don&#8217;t want to repeat past mistakes.</p>
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Posted on: Jul 31 05:37 pm 2009 by: pogo

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