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Rockstar News | Rockstar News Round Up April 09
<p>Rockstar plan to unveil the first trailer for Red Dead Redemption next week, with some publications having recently seen the game in action I suspect we could also start seeing previews begin to surface any day now.</p>
<p>Owners of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars are in for an unexpected treat starting this Friday (May 1st) as Rockstar are offering up a "limited edition bullet-proof Hellenbach" vehicle in the game. To unlock the vehicle simply follow these instructions:</p>
<p>1) <a href="">Become a registered Social Club member</a> before 4:59 PM GMT on May 8th 2009. </p>
<p>2) <a href="">Link</a> your Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Nintendo DS Friend Code to your Social Club account before 4:59 PM GMT on May 8th 2009. </p>
<p>3) Sync your stats anytime after 5:01 AM GMT on May 1st 2009 (Friday). Make sure that your Friend Code is linked. </p>
<p>The car will then be available at the Auto Merchant in BOABO. It will be
the last car on the dealer's list but you can skip to it directly by hitting
left on the d-pad. (Note that the Auto Merchant opens for business in one
of the early missions, "The Wheelman") </p>
<p>Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne are now available for purchase through Xbox Live Originals for 1200 MS points (each). Additionally Rockstar have added some new downloads to the official Max Payne 3 website that can be accessed by <a href="">clicking
<p>Midnight Club: Los Angeles has had a further two additional car packs released, pack one includes the Audi S5 (2008), Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG (2008) and Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (2009) while car pack two includes the Cadillac XLR V (2008), Lancer Evolution X (2008), Aston Martin DB9 (2007) and as an added bonus the Ducati 1098 R(2008) . Both car packs are available right now through Xbox Live and the PSN and will set you back 240 MS points and $2.99 (&pound;1.99 GBP) respectively. Make sure that you have the free to download South Central Map Expansion before downloading the new car packs.</p>
<p>Additionally Bully: Scholarship Edition for the PC has been patched to version 1.20. The patch weighs in at 16MB and addresses streaming and hanging issues, the patch can be downloaded <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
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Posted on: Apr 29 09:14 pm 2009 by: pogo

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