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Manhunt 2 News | Manhunt 2 Media Overdose
<p> There are a bunch of Manhunt 2 news reports popping up all over American TV
networks. Instead of wasting time telling you the particulars lets just all
assume they are complaining about the game and child safety with a little added
emphasis on the Wii version and lets not forget the &#8216;games expert&#8217;
that suspiciously looks as though they have rarely if ever touched a controller.
When I say assume I mean know.</p>
<p>If you are really interested in what they are saying though then you can peep
them at the following: <a href="" target="_blank">CBS
Evening News with Katie Couric Preview</a> - <a href="" target="_blank">CBS-11</a>
- <a href="" target="_blank">ABC
News</a> - <a href="" target="_blank">WTOL
News 11</a> - <a href="" target="_blank">Eye
to Eye with Katie Couric</a> - <a href="" target="_blank">CBS13</a></p>

<p>We will continue uploading the videos to our <a href="" target="_blank">YouTube</a>
account so keep checking over there for them.</p>
<p>In other news, all is well in the world and the last known paedophile, sociopath
and serial killer have been eradicated from all existence.</p>
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Posted on: Oct 31 09:03 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Gaming Age Review Manhunt 2
<p> Gaming Age have reviewed Manhunt 2 and awarded it a Grade B. They say that
they played all the way through the Wii version and 'dabbled a bit' with the
PS2 and PSP versions of the game.</p>

<p>As far as visuals go, the Wii and PS2 versions are nearly identical, but
the PSP version looks surprisingly nice, especially when compared to the two
GTA titles that have released on the platform. The character models are definitely
made in the Rockstar mold, and they don't look much improved from the stuff
we saw in Bully a year or so ago, but they hold up well. It would have been
nice to get a widescreen mode tossed into the Wii version, and some upgraded
textures, but the game is so dark and gritty that the downgraded visuals do
add a bit to the overall atmosphere. The levels are all pretty varied, and
while most of the early assets have featured some dark and gritty locations,
you'll come across more varied settings like a movie/TV set, a business high
rise, and a few other surprises.</p>
<p>The voiceover work is top notch, something we've all come to expect from
Rockstar, and the little character interactions and quips that you'll pick
up from enemies as you're sneaking around are just as well done as they were
in the original Manhunt. There's a lot of really dark humor in the game, and
there's some pretty funny pieces of dialogue that pop up. The music is pretty
subdued throughout the title, and rightfully so. You might not be humming
along to the tunes as you play, but everything fits the feel and mood of the
game quite nicely.</p>

<p>Obviously if you're a fan of the original, or most of the Rockstar titles,
you'll probably end up enjoying the content of Manhunt 2. Obviously it won't
be for everyone, but if you've been on the fence about trying it out, I'd
say give it a go. All three titles are identical in story and content, and
for the most part play the same way. They've done a good job of capturing
a niche style of horror and putting it into a game, and the overall effect
manages to walk a fine line between entertaining and disturbing.</p>
<p>Head over to <a href="" target="_blank">Gaming
Age</a> for the entire review.</p>
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Posted on: Oct 31 07:32 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Gamespot Review Manhunt 2
<p> Gamespot have published their review of Manhunt 2. They awarded the game a
7.5 on the PlayStation 2 and (unsurprisingly) a 7.0 on the Nintendo Wii. There
is no PSP review up as of yet, although it can be assumed it will score the
same as the PS2 version.</p>
<p>They cite poor graphical detail and frame-rate amongst their issues with the
<p>Animations and character models look terribly dated. Some environments are
also washed out and textures aren't detailed. The Wii release tends to maintain
a better frame rate than the PS2, though there are occasional slight pauses
when the Wii accesses the disc, an issue that also crops up from time to time
on the PS2--just less often.</p>
<p>As ever the audio is considered outstanding:</p>
<p>The doomed ambience is further accentuated by a minimalist sound design that
features an eerie soundtrack and limited environmental noise. Silence is put
to good use here, creating moments of tension when you must remain perfectly
still and making the occasional eruption in the soundtrack even more effective.
The voice-overs are good too, not just from the leading men, but from the
random hunters you overhear. You'll hear guards in the sex dungeon whine about
their sexual frustration or masked patrolmen taunt you to come out of the
shadows, and most of it's acted with just the right amount of coarse charm.</p>

<p>In predictable Gamespot fashion they do whatever they can to demean the Wii,
in the process going against the (apparent) masses by saying that the camera
filters on the PS2 are actually better:</p>
<p>On the Wii, the entire scene is rendered through a blurry red filter that
gives you a merely vague idea of what's going taking place. The movement and
splattering sound effects make it clear that no one wants to die a death quite
that painful--you just don't get to see the details. As a result, you'll be
paying more attention to the motion prompts at the top left of the screen
than trying to figure out the onscreen action. On the PS2, the filter is less
blurry and blinks on/off so you can see more of the grisly kill--much more
of it. The PS2 version also features a geometric pattern that flashes at the
beginning and end of the execution. The more visible kills make this version
far more satisfying because the simulated motions with the Wii Remote can't
compare to the clarity of the PS2's gruesomeness.</p>
<p>But they do go out on a high note:</p>
<p>Yet there's no doubt that fans of sneaking will get a lot out of Manhunt
2. Aside from the occasionally flaccid gunplay, the game is highly challenging,
especially so on the appropriately titled insane difficulty level. Some of
the level designs are truly tricky, such as one in which a helicopter's spotlight
keeps you constantly on the move. This isn't for everyone; if you're prone
to fits of frustration when playing games like Splinter Cell and Hitman or
expect to recover from mistakes easily, Manhunt 2 won't do you any favors.
But if you're into that sort of thing, you'll enjoy the 15 hours or so of
gameplay it provides and may even want to try unlocking the alternate ending.</p>
<p><strong>Gamespot:</strong> <a href=";reviews" target="_blank">Wii
Review</a> - <a href=";images" target="_blank">Wii
Images</a> - <a href=";reviews" target="_blank">PS2
Review</a> - <a href=";images" target="_blank">PS2

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Posted on: Oct 31 07:14 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Manhunt 2 Press Releases
<p> California State Senator Leland Yee has commented on Manhunt 2, you may remember
him discussing the game before in earlier press releases, well this time he
has said that parents should avoid buying the game for their children and that
they should review the games that they are playing, the full press release can
be found here under <a href="" target="_blank">news</a> then
press releases. </p>
<p>This isn't too different from what Common Sense Media have said in an earlier
<a href="" target="_blank">press
release</a>. Since that time though they have released an <a href="" target="_blank">updated
statement</a> and shown footage from the leaked version of the game that they
illegally downloaded and played. CSM CEO Jim Steyer described the game as 'pornographic
violence' of all things and said that 'it&#8217;s the most senselessly violent
and offensive thing I&#8217;ve ever watched'.</p>

<p>Susan Linn of Campaign For a Commercial-Free Childhood has also gained some
much needed publicity and released a <a href="" target="_blank">press
statement</a> on Manhunt 2. She pretty much sums up what both Leland Yee and
Common Sense Media have said recently.</p>
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Posted on: Oct 31 05:55 pm 2007 by: lazlow

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Manhunt 2 News | GameSpy Review Manhunt 2
<p> GameSpy's review of Manhunt 2 is now up, they have given the game a 2.5 out
of 5. They seem to love the storyline and characters but aren&#8217;t huge fans
of the combat:</p>
<p>To its credit, Manhunt 2 features a far more interesting storyline than you'd
find in most B-movie slasher flicks. The voice work is well-acted, and the
characters are alive with personality, even if they are suffering from severe
psychological disorders. Learning about and understanding the story behind
the game's main character and delving deeper and deeper into the truths behind
the malicious &quot;Project&quot; will keep players interested far longer
than the obfuscated death visuals or the rudimentary combat system which degrades
into a mindless and uninteresting button mash should you fail to sneak up
on a victim.</p>
<p>They have some praise for the Nintendo Wii version of the game:</p>

<p>The Wii controls for Manhunt 2 come fairly close to making the experience
more realistic, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on where you
stand. While the little mass murderer in us envisioned Wii Remote and nunchuk
strangulations, the context-sensitive execution mini-game comes close enough.
When you come close enough to a victim, a series of gesture-driven commands
will urge you to shake the controller left or right, for instance, or drive
both controllers down, as if you were smashing a heavy object on someone's
skull. It's not a challenge by any means, as the game doesn't seem to want
you to miss out on any of the juicy kills, but it does make the experience
more interactive. </p>
<p>They end the review by saying that the game is pretty much for no-one:</p>
<p>It's difficult to recommend Manhunt 2 in its current M-rated form to anyone.
This material isn't just inappropriate for children, it's not appropriate
for most of the people you know. The background material behind the storyline
is well developed enough, and those with considerable tolerance for over-the-top
gore and violence may derive some pleasure from it. But the game's execution
as a bland third-person stealth adventure with sub-par combat and annoyingly
stylized death sequences hamstrings what could have been a sleeper hit for
mature audiences. It's hard to completely blame Rockstar for all the failings
of Manhunt 2, considering the ESRB's hand in crippling the developer's vision.
Whether or not that vision should be considered artistic is up to you. </p>
<p>I am actually blown away by these reviews, these journalists are hacking this
game to pieces over a silly filter. The same journalists that harked on about
the extreme violence in the game are now complaining about it being less visible,
if anything it is their fault that these filters were applied or in the least
they helped aid in the ratings board coming down so hard on the game. A few
months ago the game was receiving praise from everyone and their mother, a slight
camera alteration and it turns into a below average game? Show some consistency
and rational, please!</p>
<p>What I don&#8217;t get is how in hell does this change the game play? It is
a visual tweak, same game, virtually same content. Had they not liked the game
play from before then fine I can see and accept their point, however, the alteration
of its presentation in no way changes the game. </p>

<p>I just hope enough people have common sense and enough about them to think
for themselves and go out and buy this game and make the game a success despite
the best efforts of these hypocritical journalists.</p>
<p>You know the drill; head over to <a href="" target="_blank">GameSpy</a>
for the entire review.</p>
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Posted on: Oct 30 10:01 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | 1up Review Manhunt 2
<p> 1up have now also published their review of Manhunt 2 and awarded it a shockingly
low score of 4.0 out of 10. They have very little in the way of anything nice
to say about the game and spend the better half of the review comparing it to
the original game.</p>

<p>Manhunt 2, on the other hand, doesn't really come close to nailing what made
the original...well, not exactly great, but at least tolerable and a little
thought-provoking. Manhunt 2's escaped-mental-patient story is more dull than
upsetting. The unreliable narrator is so taken for granted that any big plot
revelations and uncertainty of identity are expected before you even start.
The Most Dangerous Game premise is chucked for what amounts to The Suffering
<p>In as close of a complement as they can muster they label the game &#8216;technically
<p>Really, the game warrants a 4 because it's technically playable and, despite
its best efforts, probably won't plunge the industry into a period of navel-gazing
and political sanction. Everything else about it is largely forgettable.</p>
<p>You can read the slaughter in its entirety by heading over to <a href="" target="_blank">1up</a>
now. Better yet, don't.</p>

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Posted on: Oct 30 09:31 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Games Radar Review Manhunt 2
<p> The US side of Games Radar have posted their review of Manhunt 2. They awarded
the game a 7/10. </p>
<p>The problems they have with the game seem to primarily focus around the gunplay
which is introduced through flashback missions where you play as Leo Kasper.
They say that Leo is &#8216;thoroughly unlikable&#8217; and that during these
levels there is little to no stealth action. They seem to be very impressed
by the more stealthy levels and love the weapon variety and the hidden depths
the game has too it once you look beyond the violence.</p>
<p>It seems as though the Wii version even has additional hunters that are absent
from the PS2 and PSP versions:</p>

<p>... the Wii version, where the clientele wear smart black suits and animal
masks that, for whatever reason, don't appear on the PS2 or PSP.</p>
<p>But for the most part they say the game is the same across the board:</p>
<p>Flaws aside, the game is more or less identical across all three platforms,
although the Wii version - in addition to its unique controls - is more generous
about giving players cool weapons to play around with, and features a few
small, stylistic differences, such as the Hostel-inspired torture-goons. The
PS2 version, meanwhile, features lock-on aiming, less-interactive executions
and headset support, with that last one enabling you to verbally harass hunters
and listen more clearly to Leo's murderous advice.</p>
<p>There is a little love thrown to the rarely spoken of PSP version of the game:</p>
<p>Manhunt 2 actually translates to the handheld remarkably well, and is easily
one of the best-looking, best-playing things on the system right now.</p>

<p>Their review breaks down as follows:</p>
<p><strong>You'll Love:</strong><br>
When it's good, it's brilliant<br>
Still brutal even with censorship<br>
Strangely compelling story</p>
<p><strong>You'll Hate:</strong><br>

Censored all to hell<br>
Gunplay can get tedious<br>
Can't rotate camera</p>
<p>Looking at the two online reviews released so far it is very clear that Manhunt
2 is still very much a matter of personal preference with much conflict between
the reviews. I think everyone should keep this in mind when reading these reviews,
despite what they say I believe that if you enjoyed the first game there is
a very high probability that you are going to enjoy Manhunt 2. So take these
reviews for what they are.</p>
<p>You can read the entire Games Radar review <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
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Posted on: Oct 30 09:03 pm 2007 by: pogo

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