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Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Manhunt 2 News | PlayStation 3 Exclusive Rockstar Franchise Announced
<p> Over at the official PlayStation 3 blog, Michael Shorrock, (Director of 3rd
Party Relations at SCEA) has revealed that Sony have nabbed the rights to a
brand new Rockstar franchise that is in development exclusively for the PlayStation
3. </p>
<p>Michael Shorrock wrote:</p>
<p>This is Michael Shorrock. I&#8217;m the Director of 3rd Party Relations at
SCEA. As you may have seen this morning/last night on GameHead with Geoff
Keighley, we are announcing that a new franchise from Rockstar Games will
be exclusive to PS3. As part of our long standing relationship with Rockstar,
and the incredible success for both companies with the cultural icon that
is Grand Theft Auto, we&#8217;ve agreed to the PlayStation exclusive rights
of the next great franchise from the Rockstar studios. </p>
<p> Everyone knows to have success in this business you need to look ahead,
identifying the talent and titles that are going to give consumers new kinds
of gaming experiences that help set the bar for the rest of the industry.
Rockstar has a heritage for doing just that. We have had incredible success
with the GTA franchise and are happy to continue to offer those titles on
our platforms, and even more excited about what&#8217;s to come from the current
and future relationship between our companies. Rockstar really wanted to make
a game that you can truly only do on PS3, harnessing the power of CELL and
Blu-ray disc and this deal lets them do just that.. This is really a win-win
situation for both companies. As Jack mentioned in the interview with Geoff,
this franchise is not LA Noire, but something all new. We agreed with Rockstar
and Take-Two Interactive Software that we wouldn&#8217;t disclose anything
more about the deal or title at this time, so stay tuned, we&#8217;ll share
more info as soon as we can. </p>

<p>So what studio do you think is working on it? Currently the development studios
look like this:</p>
<p><strong>Rockstar North </strong>- Working on Grand Theft Auto IV, just finished
Manhunt 2 and seemingly helping out on various other Rockstar projects.<br>
<strong>Rockstar London</strong> - Just finished working on the PS2 version
of Manhunt 2.<br>
<strong>Rockstar Toronto</strong> - Just finished working on the Wii version
of Manhunt 2.<br>

<strong>Rockstar San Diego</strong> - Working on Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles
and presumably Red Dead Revolver 2 as well as supervising development of Table
Tennis for the Nintendo Wii.<br>
<strong>Rockstar Leeds</strong> - Just finished working on the PSP version
of Manhunt 2 and is currently working on Table Tennis for the Nintendo Wii
and Beaterator for the PSP.<br>
<strong>Rockstar Vancouver</strong> - Working on Bully: Scholarship Edition
for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.</p>
<p> If I were to guess I would place my bet on Rockstar Toronto, they released
The Warriors in the fall of 2005 and presumably didn&#8217;t start working on
Manhunt 2 for the Nintendo Wii until mid-late 2006. </p>

<p><strong>Source:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
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Posted on: Jul 28 08:00 pm 2007 by: pogo

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Manhunt 2 News | Jeff Williams Reflects on Rockstar and Manhunt
<p> Former Rockstar employee, Jeff Williams, has posted on his blog 'Life During
Wartime - Working at Rockstar Games' whereby he reflects on his time working
at the company. He says that he joined the company just as Grand Theft Auto
III was being released and left as the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas &#8216;Hot
Coffee&#8217; outcry broke out. He talks about pretty much every Rockstar title
released within that timeframe.</p>
<p>I have taken all the Manhunt related quotes from the post and grouped them
<p>I also helped out with the original Manhunt site - a site larger and even
more innovative in some ways than Vice City. Manhunt was another team effort,
and it was an interesting project - though just as brutal to work on as Vice
City. <br>

Jenny apparently couldn't pass up the opportunity to get me taking shots for
more games, so she put me on Manhunt. </p>
<p>I only took about 100 total Manhunt screenshots, but about 1/3 of all the
PS2 Manhunt shots ever released are mine - including the &quot;hero shot&quot;
on the back of the box.</p>
<p>I also took all of the little easter egg shots on the Manhunt web site (hunt
around in there, you'll find them), along with the video clips. This was pretty
grueling, honestly, because while there are cheats that we can use, you still
have to rely on the way the game is built and the AI of the computer-controlled
characters to do what you want. It's pretty frustrating, especially with a
game like Manhunt that's just inherently ugly.</p>
<p>And honestly, I was pretty vocal in telling my superiors that while I'd do
whatever they asked me to do (within reason), I didn't support Manhunt's release.
It may sound surprising, but there was almost a mutiny at the company over
that game. It was Rockstar North's pet project - most of us at Rockstar Games
wanted no part of it. We'd already weathered plenty of controversy over GTA3
and Vice City - we were no strangers to it - but Manhunt felt different. With
GTA, we always had the excuse that the gameplay was untethered - you never
had to hurt anybody that wasn't a &quot;bad guy&quot; in one of the missions.
You could play completely ethically if you wanted, and the game was parody
anyway, so lighten up.</p>

<p>It was obvious to me from the start that the company had built itself on
one major hit game. The question was whether they knew how to capitalize on
that and create other hit games. Manhunt was my answer, and that answer was
<p>Manhunt, though, just made us all feel icky. It was all about the violence,
and it was realistic violence. We all knew there was no way we could explain
away that game. There was no way to rationalize it. We were crossing a line.</p>
<p>Some sites have apparently misinterpreted Jeff and as such he has made a second
post clearing up the issue of why he left Rockstar:</p>
<p>I also have to say it's a little disappointing seeing the summaries on Kotaku
and Joystiq, which are pretty wrong. I was not driven out solely by Manhunt
(I guess &quot;How Bad Management Drove One Person Out&quot; isn't as provocative
of a headline), nor did &quot;the entire company&quot; likely know about Hot
Coffee - and I wouldn't know if they did. That's just bad journalism - all
they needed to do was read the post to get it right.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that this is just the opinion and experiences of one person and
not a complete reflection on Rockstar. To read the blog post in its entirety
click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
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Posted on: Jul 26 10:02 pm 2007 by: pogo

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Manhunt 2 News | Reggie Defends Manhunt 2
<p> <a href="" target="_blank">MTVs
Stephen Totilo</a> caught up with Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of Nintendo
America, to talk all things Nintendo. Before long the discussion moved onto
games ratings and rather obviously Manhunt 2. Totilo says that Reggie has had
the chance to play the game and that Reggie hopes it can be &#8216;adjusted&#8217;
to obtain the M rating.</p>
<p>Reggie had the following to say regarding the title:</p>

<p>The game that I saw was a pretty violent game. For me, it's not my taste
in a game, but it certainly could be for other types of consumers. I really
do hope it gets published on our platform.</p>
<p>With the backing of the Reggie-nator surely Rockstar can get this thing out?</p>
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Posted on: Jul 24 11:13 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Bully Coming Wii and Xbox 360
<p> Rockstar Games have just announced that Bully: Scholarship Edition will be
headed to the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 this winter. Since no mention
of the developer (beyond the press quote) is made this presumably means that
the developer of the PlayStation 2 release, Rockstar Vancouver, is heading up
the project.</p>
<p>Press release:</p>
<p>Rockstar Games is proud to announce that Bully: Scholarship Edition is coming
to the Xbox 360&#8482; video game and entertainment system from Microsoft
and the Wii&#8482; home video game system from Nintendo this Winter.</p>

<p> Both the Wii and Xbox 360 versions will retain the wit and deep gameplay
of the previously released PlayStation&reg;2 computer entertainment system
title and will boast additional new content. Bully: Scholarship Edition takes
place in the fictional New England boarding school of Bullworth Academy, and
tells the story of 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he experiences the highs and
lows of adjusting to a new school. Capturing the hilarity and awkwardness
of adolescence perfectly, Bully: Scholarship Edition pulls the player into
its cinematic and engrossing world. Universally acclaimed upon first release,
Bully: Scholarship Edition is a genre-crossing action game with a warmth and
pathos that is unrivaled.</p>
<p>Bully received a perfect &quot;10/10&quot; from Electronic Gaming Monthly
and and was heralded as &quot;a great, well-crafted action game that
has one of the best senses of humor around&quot; by USA Today called
it &quot;a fantastic debut title by Rockstar Vancouver.&quot; The San Francisco
Chronicle wrote &quot;Bully has no shortage of creative energy, offering an
immersive boarding school experience that is imaginative, funny and filled
with surprises.&quot;</p>

<p>Come and explore the zealous joy, mirth, and torment of youth with Jimmy
Hopkins and Bully: Scholarship Edition when enrollment commences this Winter.
<p>For more information about Bully: Scholarship Edition please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>
<p>What a year for Rockstar, they really seem content on making sure that their
titles reach the widest fan base possible. </p>
<p>With these latest announcements and the pending release of Grand Theft Auto
IV I really do doubt that Manhunt 2 will hit this side of 2008, I just hope
they are able too announce something soon. I don&#8217;t know what was worse;
the build up to the announcement of Manhunt 2 or knowing that there is a gold
master sitting ready just to go into manufacture!</p>
<p><strong>Source:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">Bully:
Scholarship Edition Press Release</a></p>

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Posted on: Jul 20 05:42 am 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Thompson Sides with the BBFC
<p> Jack Thompson isn&#8217;t one to turn down the opportunity to gloat or express
his &#8216;concern&#8217; over videogames and so his continual barrage of drivel
continues to corrode away at web pages the world over.</p>
<p>In his latest interview over at MCV Jack has the following to say: </p>

<p>I believe the BBFC was absolutely right in refusing to classify Manhunt 2.
And in effect the game has been banned globally by Sony and Nintendo because
they won&#8217;t allow an adults only game on their platforms &#8211; and
of course it had an adults only rating over here. So in a way the BBFC rating
is redundant because the industry itself, the format holders, have banned
<p>I think the availability of this game on the Wii platform made it even more
problematic, because you can actually move your physique to replicate killing.
Also I think the high visibility of Take 2 and Rockstar &#8211; the poster
child for what&#8217;s wrong in the industry &#8211; made it more likely that
it would get a ban.</p>
<p>If this wasn&#8217;t Take 2 it still might have been banned, but the fact
that it was Take 2 made it more likely that it would get a ban. They&#8217;ve
so clearly painted a target on their back that many observers have pointed
out that they basically got caught playing the &#8216;outrage game&#8217;
and it set them up for this to happen. </p>

<p>I think it&#8217;s conventional wisdom that Take 2 and Rockstar have effectively
dug their own grave. I also think this is the greatest thing that the industry
has ever done to get people like me off their backs.</p>
<p>Now the industry can argue that it takes seriously its function both in the
UK and the States by effectively rating these games or refusing to. </p>
<p>So what&#8217;s happened on Manhunt 2 has shut up the likes of Keith Vaz
who has been saying not enough is being done. I think the jury&#8217;s out
as to whether this is an isolated incident we&#8217;ll have to wait and see.</p>
<p>The next big thing that&#8217;s going to hit is Grand Theft Auto 4 and we&#8217;ll
have to wait and see whether or not that deserves a very restricted rating
or doesn&#8217;t get rated at all. </p>

<p>The UK does manage ratings much better than the US where you rate a game
that&#8217;s inappropriate for minors and then they sell it to them anyway.
<p>The UK&#8217;s definitely got it right. You rate a game and you can&#8217;t
sell it to people if it falls in a certain category &#8211; in other words
the rating actually has a sanction, whereas in this county the rating means
<p>You guys have the model. Certainly Australia, New Zealand and Canada have
followed the UK&#8217;s lead on that and that&#8217;s what the US should do.
I think you all have it right and I think the ruling on Manhunt 2 was spot
on &#8211; and I see also that Take 2&#8217;s The Darkness was banned in Singapore.

<p>I would absolutely like to see the US and other countries following the UK&#8217;s
lead. We don&#8217;t have a single law in the books that prevents a mature
rated game being sold to a minor as young as ten years of age &#8211; and
in fact that&#8217;s what is happening.</p>
<p>I think eventually it will happen ,
especially if Hilary Clinton is elected as President. This has been one of
her issues for many years, so I think if she&#8217;s elected you&#8217;ll
see a real push from the White House to have a national sanction hooking into
the Government&#8217;s rating system. I think that&#8217;s going to happen.</p>
<p> </p>

<p><strong>Source:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">MCVUK</a></p>
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Posted on: Jul 20 05:21 am 2007 by: pogo

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