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Manhunt 2 News | Manhunt 2 Site Update & Official Trailer 02
<p> Rockstar has gone and updated official Manhunt 2 website, breaking the pattern
of updating on Friday nights. There have been quite a few new additions with
promise of more to come. </p>
<p>In summary form it translated too:</p>

<p>• <strong>Main</strong> – The main page has been updated to reflect
the additions to the site.</p>
<p>• <strong>Leo Kasper Patient File</strong> – A series of audio
clips with animated backgrounds, some showing some gruesome maiming of people.</p>
<p>• <strong>Images</strong> – There are 8 new screenshots added
to the existing 12, five of which haven’t been shown before. </p>

<p>• <strong>Footage</strong> – A brand new trailer is added titled
‘official trailer 2’.</p>
<p>• <strong>Downloads</strong> – Two screensavers have been added
to the already existing list. There are small flash previews for you to sample
before committing to a download. </p>

<p>There is a news update on the site to inform you of the additions:</p>
<p><strong>Official Site Update & New Trailer</strong></p>
<p> <a href="" target="_blank">Click
here</a> to access Patient Therapy Session #4-26, Test Case 412567. <a href="" target="_blank">LEO
KASPER</a>. A chilling audio transcript of one of Dixmor Asylum's most dangerous
residents, as conducted by attending clinical psychologist, Dr. Laura Whyte.</p>
<p>Also, be sure to check out the latest <a href="" target="_blank">Screenshots</a>,
as well as the all-new <a href="" target="_blank">Official
Trailer #2</a>.</p>

<p>Visit the <a href="" target="_blank">Purchase</a>
section for online pre-order options and make sure to sign up for the <a href="" target="_blank">Rockstar
mailing list</a> for notification of all future site updates.</p>
<p>There is a ton of new information shown between the images, video and patient
files. I seriously recommend you check them all out.</p>
<p>The new trailer is the big unveil of Leo, as well as offering a larger insight
into the game. As usual the trailer has been uploaded to YouTube for ease of
viewing. You can also view every image released for Manhunt 2 un-watermarked
in the <a href="">gallery</a>. </p>
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Posted on: May 31 04:47 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | OPM2 UK & OPSPM UK Manhunt 2 Previews
<p> Two new previews have turned up in UK publications, the Official PlayStation
Portable magazine, issue 30 and issue 86 of the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine.
<p>The only piece of &#8216;new&#8217; information in the Official PSP Magazine
UK is confirmation that it is in fact wire cutters and not pliers that Daniel
uses, there seemed to be some confusion amongst various sources as too what
they are but the Official PSP Magazine kills the speculation by quoting a line
from Leo: &#8220;use the wire cutters&#8221;.</p>

<p>The Official PlayStation 2 Magazine UK on the other hand has a ton of new information,
as well as brand new screenshots.</p>
<p> &#8226; Execution button has been refined to just holding down the R1 button
now, with no need for any addition buttons to be pressed.</p>
<p>&#8226; Flashbacks level &#8216;Best Friends&#8217; where you play as Leo.
In the level you are hunting down a man who stabbed you in the back, by the
name of Michael. The level takes place at a dockside warehouse and includes
a meat-packing puzzle. The confrontation ends with Michael being killed and
Leo escaping on Michael&#8217;s powerboat. The magazine goes on to say that
the battle acts as a &#8216;boss battle&#8217;, or is the equivalent to a
boss battle for Manhunt 2.</p>

<p>&#8226; New weapons confirmed and or shown include: Uzi, baton, magnum, scythe,
barrel of water and a flare gun.</p>
<p>&#8226; A new gun execution is mentioned; you put the gun in the hunters&#8217;
mouth and blow the top half of his head off.</p>
<p>&#8226; There is the ability to turn &#8216;VCR-style static&#8217; off and

<p>&#8226; A new hunter type is shown, they are big bulky military type characters,
imagine the Wardogs on steroids and you are in the right ballpark.</p>
<p>&#8226; The magazine suggests that Daniels blackouts might be triggered through
the use of televisions, in one screenshot you can see a half dozen or so TVs
with Daniel holding his head as though in pain.</p>
<p>&#8226; New environmental executions revealed include a puddle of petrol
that can be ignited with a match, a meat grinder that can be used for dumping
bodies in and another shows Daniel holding a manhole cover over a fallen hunter,
ready to decapitate him. <br>
<p>Leo is shown in 4 of the new screenshots; he strikes a passing resemblance
to Claude of Grand Theft Auto III fame, although he does look meaner. His face
is highly detailed, right down to a having a cleft chin and a frowned forehead.

<p>Other visual information within the magazine shows Leo hiding behind a bundle
of hay; Daniel perched on a wall ready to jump on an assassin as well as another
shot of Daniel in mid air ready to land an attack. One of the larger screens
in the magazine shows Daniel apparently in some park heading towards a door
with a chain and padlock on it.</p>
<p>The magazine also has the world exclusive first review of Manhunt 2 which will
be in issue 87 released on the 21st of June. They have their anticipation rating
set at &#8216;Hot&#8217; which translated to 3/5, previously they has it set
at &#8216;Meltdown&#8217;, which is 5/5. It is likely a different journalist
that previewed it and perhaps further indication that just like its predecessor,
Manhunt 2 is going to be a love it or hate it affair. They awarded Manhunt a
9/10 back in 2003.</p>
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Posted on: May 29 09:02 pm 2007 by: pogo

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Manhunt 2 News | New Manhunt 2 Merchandise
<p> The good folks at Rockstar sent me a box of Manhunt 2 merchandise today; along
side the wrist bands and Dixmor letter that has previously been seen there is
a bunch of new Manhunt 2 goodness including some t-shirts, patient folders and
stickers. </p>
<p>There are two variant shirts, a patient one and a doctor one which are black
and white respectively. The patient binder is pretty cool; it is made to house
A4 sheets of paper and is marked &#8216;confidential&#8217;, they are likely
the binders in which Daniel and Leo&#8217;s patient files where housed. The
stickers are as you would expect, they are of the Manhunt 2 logo and appear
to be water proof, they are transparent around the edges so you could probably
stick them on your windows and stuff.</p>

<p>Presumably the shirts will eventually go on sale through the Rockstar Warehouse
and I would imagine they might turn up at the forthcoming &#8216;Sounds of the
Underground&#8217; tour that Manhunt 2 is sponsoring.</p>
<p>You can check out images of the latest Manhunt 2 merchandise by going into
the gallery and heading over to the Manhunt 2 section and clicking merchandise
or alternatively click <a href="">here</a>.</p>
<p>Once again, thanks to the guys at Rockstar!</p>
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Posted on: May 24 11:31 pm 2007 by: pogo

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Manhunt 2 News | IGN First Manhunt 2 Wii Impressions
<p> The <a href="" target="_blank">Podcast team
over at IGN</a> have updated with new details of Manhunt 2 for the Nintendo
Wii, during there Wii-k in Review Podcast they said that they played Manhunt
2 but not the PS2 version as we expected but the Nintendo Wii version. As you'd
expect with news like this some new details have arrived although they stated
they were not allowed to say much. They did confirm that the Wii version is
still scheduled to be released on the same date as the PS2 version so fingers
crossed, they also had this to say:</p>

<p>Sadly, we can't talk a ton about any details on it, but we can tell you that
it's very very fun and that we had a blast with it when it came. It's pretty
good looking for a Wii game, id say it's one of the prettier games on Wii,
certainly the blood effects are really nice.</p>
<p>We can't really talk about details yet but we will have some coverage this
coming week and you can look forward to that but in the mean time we can say
that your going to want the Wii version absolutely, there's absolutely no
reason to get the PS2 version, your going to see why, were going to explain
why, but um there are several major i'd say really kind of fundamentally important
reasons you would want the Wii version.</p>
<p>Ah we went hands on with this game for a long time, yeah it was like 4 hours.
Yeah it's the first time I've played a Wii game and when they took it away
i was like don't, don't, aside from Zelda seriously, i love this game.</p>
<p>For me it's like you know they announce a game like this and you know in
the back of my mind I'm like uwwwh i hope this isn't going to be a stupid
port, you know with like tacked on Wii controls, it doesn't feel that way
at all, can't talk about why of course. People are now learning that Manhunt
2 is going to be good on Wii. </p>
<p>They said that the whole office was in to see Manhunt 2 being played, when
it is usually only 2 people or so in to view Wii games, stating that usually
they are not that interested and mostly always say that the games are kiddy
looking but with Manhunt 2 it was different. They said that the people in the
office were confused that Manhunt 2 was on Wii, they also said that Rockstar
was doing alright and that they were bringing the love to the Nintendo Wii.
All in all, they gave the Wii version the best review of all over the other
versions so for those who were not sure of the Wii version can breathe a sigh
of relief right about now. We think that Manhunt 2 on the Wii has some major
new changes, more details this week. </p>
<p>You can download the podcast by right clicking <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>

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Posted on: May 20 07:46 am 2007 by: lazlow

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

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