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Manhunt 2 News | OP2M UK Issue 84 with Manhunt 2 Information
<p> I just picked up the April 2007 issue of ‘The Official UK Playstation
2 Magazine’ and lowe and behold it has a four page feature on Manhunt
2. There are a few bits here and there of new information as well as clarification
on some other information we previously had. I have summarised all the information
below, also please note that there is spoilers here, so continue at your own
discretion. </p>

<p>• <strong>Cuts & Bruises</strong> – From looking at the screenshots
it shows Daniel with a few cuts here and there in select shots, implying that
a similar damage system from the first game remains intact.</p>
<p>• <strong>Enemies</strong> - Foes have less scripted patrols with improved
A.I, making them harder to kill.</p>
<p>• <strong>Guns</strong> - Guns are only a major factor later in the
game, much like the original. Although it does look as though members of 'The
Project' are prone to turning up whenever and are not specific to one location,
much like the Cerberus in the original game.</p>

<p>• <strong>H.U.D</strong> - Energy bar goes dark blue when hiding, the
radar is located on the bottom left of the screen, it again monitors the noise
you make.</p>
<p>• <strong>Judy</strong> - We already knew Judy worked at 'The Honey
Pot' brothel, the magazine now reveals that Judy is also a ‘technician’
for 'The Project'. This explains why Daniel was looking for her; the magazine
then goes on to (surprisingly) state that Judy dies before providing Daniel
with the information.</p>
<p>• <strong>Level Information</strong> - Within ‘The Honey Pot’
brothel there is a 'whore going to work on a 'client'. The way it is described
it seems to me as though this is visible rather than just being audio, however,
it may still be the case. When breaking glass you have to time it right to
be effective.</p>

<p>• The asylum looks to be full of character, one cell has a inmate that
has hung himself, the folks at Rockstar have even gone as far as placing the
knocked over chair that he kicked from under himself. There are ‘crap-caked
walls’, presumably from Daniels poop-lobbing cell mate.</p>
<p>• <strong>The Project</strong> - The full title of 'The Project' is
'The Pickman Project', named after its founding professor Pickman.</p>
<p>• <strong>Weapons</strong> - The syringe is the first weapon you come
across; you shortly thereafter pick up the ballpoint pen. The plastic bag
and syringe one use items however the biro and glass shard aren't. Baseball
bat is wrapped in barbed wire, not spiked like the removed bat from the first
game. Previously thought pliers are actually wire cutters, they serve multiple
purposes including cutting your way into the ventilation shaft at the brothel
and of course executions.</p>

<p>• <strong>Weapon Storage</strong> – We previously knew about
the menu system that pauses the game, the magazine now adds to that by explaining
that heavy weapons are placed on Daniels back, medium around his waste and
small in his hands, they also say ‘with room for a few other bits and
bobs’. So that means either the game pausing menu is for quick access
to weapons rather than shuffling through them, or it means you can store everything
at once and choose to keep one of each variety on you at once.</p>
<p>In addition to that it has some new screenshots, and a lot of the older ones
but they have them at a better resolution, rather than blowing them way up.
In one screenshot they talk about Leo, so presumably it is him, then in another
it has a similar character with a short sleeved shirt on so either Leo changes
from a long-sleeved shirt to a short sleeved one or it is just generic inmates.</p>
<p>To keep up to date with all the Manhunt 2 information currently available,
please check out our <a href="">Manhunt
2</a> section of the site. Or too see it all summarized head on over to ‘<a href="">What
We Know</a>’.</p>

<p>I also want to address some confusion that people seem to be having concerning
the site name, the site is now <a href="">Project
Manhunt</a> and used to be <a href="" target="_blank">Manhunt
Uncut</a>, we aren’t a ‘copy-cat site’, we have merely changed
names and site address, the site is run by the same people and has the same
content as before. So please try and make note of the new site address and please
pass along the information to those who may be interested or unaware of the
change, thanks!</p>
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Posted on: Mar 30 02:42 pm 2007 by: pogo

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

GTA News | First Trailer and Details.
<p> GTA IV's trailer officially launches in about an hour and with news of Jack
Thompson seeking to ban the game or at least get it named a 'public nuisance'
we thought we would take this opportunity to mention some of the details regarding
the game and post the trailer. </p>
<p>The trailer will mark the first we have seen any footage of the game up until
now, with that said we believe the official website will either go down pretty
quick or just not be available for the first couple of hours. A few sites are
going to be hosting the trailer and have already said they expect to go down
within the hour. </p>
<p>So what do we know about the game then? Here is a summery:</p>
<p>&#8226; It will officially be released on October 16, 2007 in the US and
in Europe on October 19, 2007.</p>
<p>&#8226; The game will feature downloadable content due out in 2008 this was
anounced at the E3 press conference on the 9th of May 2006 at the time it
was said to be &quot;hours of entirely new gameplay&quot; and that these would
be &quot;epic episode packs,&quot;</p>

<p>&#8226; It will be released for both Xbox 360 and PS3. The Xbox version is
said to feature Dolby 5.1 Surround sound, and be playable at 720p .</p>
<p>&#8226; According to various sources the game is said to be using the RAGE
engine that Rockstar Games used for their Table Tennis game back in May of
last year. 150 game developers are also said to be working on Grand Theft
Auto IV.</p>
<p>&#8226; Emails were also sent out with the tagline &quot;Things will be different&quot;.
Rumoured also are a few different locations for where the game is based one
of these being Carcer City. London and New York were also said to be the location
at one point, the game is also said to be set in the 1970's</p>
<p>More details will hopefully be announced when the trailer hits in about an
hour. Expect an update then.</p>

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Posted on: Mar 29 09:19 pm 2007 by: lazlow

Manhunt News | New Research into Video Game Consequences
<p> <a href="" target="_blank">GamePolitcs</a>
has published article up about a recently published book titled &#8216;Violent
Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents: Theory, Research, and Public
Policy&#8217;. The book written by Dr. Craig Anderson of Iowa State University,
Katherine Buckley and ISU professor Douglas Gentile is said to be &#8216;the
first work to link research and public policy in the video game violence debate.&#8217;
The book cover features the X-Box release of Manhunt.</p>

<p>Book description:</p>
<p>Violent video games are successfully marketed to and easily obtained by children
and adolescents. Even the U.S. government distributes one such game, America's
Army, through both the internet and its recruiting offices. Is there any scientific
evidence to support the claims that violent games contribute to aggressive
and violent behavior? </p>
<p>Anderson, Gentile, and Buckley first present an overview of empirical research
on the effects of violent video games, and then add to this literature three
new studies that fill the most important gaps. They update the traditional
General Aggression Model to focus on both developmental processes and how
media-violence exposure can increase the likelihood of aggressive and violent
behavior in both short- and long-term contexts. Violent Video Game Effects
on Children and Adolescents also reviews the history of these games' explosive
growth, and explores the public policy options for controlling their distribution.
Anderson et al. describe the reaction of the games industry to scientific
findings that exposure to violent video games and other forms of media violence
constitutes a significant risk factor for later aggressive and violent behavior.
They argue that society should begin a more productive debate about whether
to reduce the high rates of exposure to media violence, and delineate the
public policy options that are likely be most effective.</p>
<p>As the first book to unite empirical research on and public policy options
for violent video games, Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents
will be an invaluable resource for student and professional researchers in
social and developmental psychology and media studies.</p>
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Posted on: Mar 26 07:48 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Jack Thompson Counter Sues Take-Two
<p> It would seem that Jack Thompson has decided to counter sue Take-Two following
last weeks <a href="" target="_blank">lawsuit</a>
filled by the company against Thompson.</p>
<p>Select Thompson quotes:</p>
<p>Thompson refers to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as a &quot;violence and sex
simulation game&quot; that perpetuates racial stereotypes, asking, &quot;What
else would one expect of Scottish sociopaths sipping their single malt Glenlivet
in between brainstorming software programming sessions?&quot;</p>

<p>As everyone in Scotland does of course, it is a researched and proven fact
that everyone in Scotland is a sociopath and unable to conjure up a thought
without &#8220;sipping their single malt Glenlivet&#8221;.</p>
<p>All Take-Two would have to do is submit each game to a court of law to see
if it contains material harmful to minors or if it does in fact constitute
a nuisance of any kind under Florida law. The games are finished. There is
plenty of time to submit the games, and doing so will not in fact impede their
release--unless they are in fact harmful to children.</p>
<p>Breaking news, Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV are finished folks; the developers
are presumably sitting printing off the covers on their ink jet printers.</p>
<p>The countersuit reads, &quot;In addition to the RICO predicate act of extortion
(intimidation) of Thompson by Take-Two, Take-Two has committed other predicate
RICO acts, including but not limited to fraud, distribution of obscene and/or
sexual material harmful to minors, as already determined by the United States
Federal government...and other predicate racketeering acts. Additionally,
upon information and belief, Take-Two, through its Blank Rome lawyers, sought
in Alabama to tamper with a witness in a pending criminal case, according
to that witness' lawyer.</p>

<p>The innate one has more to say (big surprise, right?) but at risk of falling
asleep I will leave it to you to read yourself. </p>
<p><strong>Source:</strong> <a href=";title;0" target="_blank">Gamespot</a></p>
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Posted on: Mar 22 08:53 am 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt News | Manhunt Not Playstation 3 Compatible
<p> Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has released a <a href="" target="_blank">list
of backwards compatible PlayStation 2 games</a> with the soon to be released
PlayStation 3. Manhunt is currently listed as not being compatible, Sony is
able to issue updates to the systems back catalogue through software upgrades,
as it stands the system has firmware 1.6 pending for release this coming Thursday.
I am sure by the time Manhunt 2 is released they will have added Manhunt to
that list. Other Rockstar titles such as Canis Canem Edit, Grand Theft Auto:
San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories suffer from game play issues.</p>

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Posted on: Mar 20 06:35 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | JT responds to T2
<p> You might have heard that Jack Thompson has responded to the recent news that
Take Two are going to sue him, this was due to him requesting Manhunt 2 and
GTA IV be banned. Here is what he had to say regarding the matter: </p>
<p>This shows the extent to which I have become a problem for (Take Two). Or
maybe they are trying to show that I won&#8217;t be a hindrance in the sales
of their upcoming products.&quot; &quot;(Take Two&#8217;s law firm) Blank
Rome&#8230; has, by this remarkable lawsuit, laid bare precisely what it is
about - the silencing and destruction of Take-Two&#8217;s most abiding and
most successful critic.&quot;, &quot;I have been praying, literally, that
Take-Two and its lawyers would do something so stupid&#8230; that such a misstep
would enable me to destroy Take-Two&#8230; The pit Take-Two has dug for itself
will be patently clear next week when I strike back.</p>

<p>Jack Thompson can take anyone down, he is indeed a one man army when it comes
to this type of situation. I doubt he will manage it, as it is various websites
are reporting that Take Two may be for sale, you can bet Jack Thompson will
take the credit for that. Thanks to forum member colonelsheppard for the heads
<p><strong>Source:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
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Posted on: Mar 19 08:34 pm 2007 by: lazlow

Manhunt 2 News | Take Two Sues JT
<p> Take Two have decided it is time to sue Jack Thompson for his recent efforts
to try and ban Manhunt 2 and GTA IV. In 3 days time (Monday) Jack puts his claim
in to ban those games, as mentioned in a previous news post. This has prompted
Take Two to launch a pre-emptive attack by petitioning to the 'United States
District Court for the Southern District of Florida' they seek to stop the game
being declared a 'public nuisance' under Florida law. Here is a little from
the claim: </p>

<p>Thompson has a history of making multiple threats of legal action, whether
substantiated or not, both against (Take Two) as well as the retailers who
purchase the video games and offer them for sale to the public. Thompson has
made such threats again in connection with Manhunt 2 and GTAIV&#8230;</p>
<p>All i can say is he had it coming to him, he hasn't even seen the game yet
and he is trying to block Manhunt 2 from coming out. Serves him right, i hope
they get Jack Thompson declared a 'public nuisance' maybe then Take Two will
get a break for a while. You may remember the trouble with Canis Canem Edit
(Bully) coming out in October 2006, Jack's claim to ban the game was rejected
that just goes to show that his claims are not substantiated, there isn't even
a gun in that game and it was rated a 15 (Teen). Take Two have also said they
wish to claim their attorney fees and other costs from Jack, since they have
been forced into action by him. Hopefully this is the last we hear from Jack
Thompson regarding the matter, although i doubt it.</p>
<p><strong>Source:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
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Posted on: Mar 16 06:34 pm 2007 by: lazlow

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