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Manhunt 2 News | Rockstar Respond to High Court Ruling
<p> Rockstar has now apparently released an official statement following the High
Court's ruling in favour of the BBFC which saw it overturn the Video Appeals
Committee's decision to grant the release of Manhunt 2 in the UK. </p>
<p> We believe the VAC decision was correct and do not understand the court's
decision to expend further public resources to censor a game that contains
content well within the bounds established by the BBFC's 18-plus ratings certification.</p>

<p>It looks as though Rockstar is just as confused as I was yesterday when I read
about the High Court's ruling. At this point it has gone way beyond questioning
the priorities and sensibility of the ratings judicial system, there is definitely
an agenda here and I don&#8217;t think it has anything at all to do with the
concern of the wellbeing of those that could potentially consume the contents
of Manhunt 2.</p>
<p>I never received the press release from Rockstar myself so I can&#8217;t verify
that this is the entirety of what Rockstar had to say, I will update this news
post should I receive a copy.</p>
<p align="right"><a href=""><strong>Add
Posted on: Jan 26 06:13 pm 2007 by: pogo

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Rockstar News | Rockstar Vienna Resurrected
<p> If you rewind your memory back to May 2006 you will recall the <a href="" target="_blank">closure
of Rockstar Vienna</a>. It had been heavily suggested to me that Rockstar Vienna
had been working on Manhunt 2 (by multiple sources). Today the establishers
of Rockstar Vienna have announced the creation of an all new company &#8216;<a href="" target="_blank">Games
That Matter Productions</a>&#8217;.</p>
<p>The official press release reads as follows:</p>

<p>14 years and 14 days after establishing Rockstar Vienna (formerly known as
neo Software) Hannes Seifert, Niki Laber and J&uuml;rgen Goeldner are proud
to present their new company:</p>
<p>Games That Matter Productions GmbH.</p>
<p>A new company with a visionary game production business model.</p>
<p>The press conference to announce the goals and business model of Games That
Matter will take place on January 25th, 2007.<br>

<p>At this point I would also like to remind everyone that Manhunt is a Rockstar
owned property and as such this will make no difference what so ever to the
status of Manhunt 2. I just figured some may be interested in reading about
what has become of the studio that was gearing up to bring you Manhunt 2.</p>
Posted on: Jan 17 08:21 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt 2 News | Manhunt 2 Once Again Brought Up
<p> The guys over at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
(and <a href="" target="_blank">JoyStiq</a>)
have published a quote from a financial analyst who has made a prediction about
the unlikelihood of there being a Bully 2 due to lack of sales and time to develop,
Joystiq then followed up on the article, but adding to that they had the following
to say:</p>

<p>If Jimmy Hopkins' video game career is indeed one and done then it would
go against Rockstar's standard practice (presumably encouraged by Take-Two).
The developer has always molded its titles into series; The Warriors being
the only Rockstar game that has yet to be revisited* (<strong>sequels to Manhunt
& Red Dead Revolver are in the works</strong>). At the very least, we
would expect Bully to be ported to PSP.</p>
<p>With all that said, they have not cited a source; I would be interested in
knowing where they got this information from, as far as I am aware off there
has been no other mention of Manhunt 2 on any other website, other than a few
European websites that have referenced us and some magazine speculation many
months ago.</p>
<p>Remember, none of the above is confirmed by Rockstar or Take-Two, it is just
Internet hearsay. However I would imagine a PSP incarnation of Bully is more
than likely on the cards as it was mentioned to me a few months back along side
The Warriors PSP (prior to it actually being announced) and the alleged downgrade
of Manhunt 2 to the PSP.</p>
Posted on: Jan 04 10:41 pm 2007 by: pogo

Manhunt News | Manhunt on the PC Repackaged
<p> Back in November, while I was doing some early Christmas shopping I noticed
that the casing for Manhunt had changes from a VHS cardboard mock up styling
to a more traditional DVD style case, in line with the Playstation 2 and Xbox
editions of the game. I never posted this on the news since I wasn&#8217;t sure
of how new this change was, that was until today when it was mentioned on the
<a href="" target="_blank">forum</a>.</p>
<p> The change in casing was likely due to the fact that the game has been on
sale for almost 3 years on the PC, and plus it is harder to maintain the case
in pristine condition, and a game in bad condition is less likely to sell.</p>
<p>For those of you that like to collect things, it may be worth purchasing another
copy of the cardboard cased version of the game, if only to sell at a later
date, games are notorious for rising in price via online outlets such as eBay,
and with the original release of the game becoming rarer, you might just be
able to make a nice little profit on the game in a few years time.</p>
<p align="center"><img src="news_manhunt_pc_boxarts.htm" alt="Manhunt PC Boxart Repackaging" width="480" height="241"><br>
Orginal Boxart and Insert (left) New Boxart and Insert (right) </p>

<p align="left"> I don&#8217;t know if the change in casing has been put into
place outside of Britain, however in some European territories the game is sold
in jewel cases. <br>
Posted on: Jan 02 09:22 pm 2007 by: pogo

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