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Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Manhunt News | One Year On-Line and Manhunt 3 Years Old
<p> Manhunt has now officially been released for 3 years (November 21st in Europe),
where does the time go? How about announcing a sequel or something, Rockstar?
Or if you have indeed cancelled it, how about letting us know, that too would
be appreciated.</p>
<p>I was wondering if anyone rushed out to buy the game on release day? I remember
buying the game as though it was only yesterday; I went to College, signed the
register and promptly left to head into town to pick the game up. My College
loan had just been put in my bank and what better way to spend the money than
on a video game or two.<br>
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<td valign="top"><p>The closest store to the bank was W.H Smith, they had some deal on
their games, it was two for &pound;60 and since Manhunt was just released
it wasn&#8217;t in the deal. Typical but whatever, I couldn&#8217;t be
bothered waiting on the game dropping in price so I just decided to head
to the counter with it. Luckily I went to school with the guy that served
me; he told me to hold on for a second, he went through to the store room
and came back into the shop floor. Completely bewildered as to what he
was up to he took the (empty) game cases from me and stuck the (reduced)
price labels on the games.</p>

<p>Looking at the receipts I notice he ran the sales through someone else
name in both occasions. Pretty damn funny, illegal, but funny. Thanks
for that Spock!</p>
<p> Also come November 20th it marks the year anniversary that this site has been
actively online, had the site been put online 40 minute later it would have
been November 21st, which would have made it 2 year to the date of the release
of the game over here in Scotland, a unintentional coincidence, weird stuff.</p>
<p>Do you recall buying Manhunt? Share your story in the comments or on the <a href="">forum</a>.</p>
<p>Those of you with a keen eye will have no doubt already noticed the latest
additions to the site. For the less observant of you, among the latest additions
includes a <a href="">Q&A
with Hadley Tomicki</a> and a feature on the <a href="">Carcer
City Vehicles</a>. There are quite a bit of other updates, so have a look around
and see what you can spot.</p>

<p>Happy birthday Manhunt, and thank you to everyone for sticking with the site
this past year!</p>
Posted on: Nov 18 04:47 pm 2006 by: pogo

Manhunt News | Playstation 3 Development Well Underway
<p> <a href="" target="_blank">Take-Two</a>
have today announced that they have 20 games in development for the Playstation
3, 7 of which are in development at various Rockstar studios.</p>
<p>Two of the confirmed seven games are Grand Theft Auto IV and L.A Noir, at E3
2005 a teaser was shown for a Rockstar western, likely Red Dead Revolver and
I imagine a new Midnight Club won&#8217;t be too far off either, and everyone
has been waiting on Max Payne 3. That is likely 5 candidates; the other two
can be a number of any other games, or entirely new franchises. Those conclusions
may be jumping the gun but I am sure you will agree it is fair to assume that
they are the most likely, especially with Take-Two saying the following:</p>

<p> well as extensions of blockbuster Rockstar Games franchises. </p>
<p>So where does that leave Manhunt 2? Who knows is all that I can offer, or at
least until Take-Two release their next fiscal results. The PS2 sequel that
appeared then disappeared was very likely Manhunt 2, the reason for it disappearing
looks like it may be due to it being shifted over to next generation consoles.
Rockstar North are deep into development of Grand Theft Auto IV, and we where
told that the series had reverted back to them after the closure of Rockstar
Vienna, Manhunt was in development at the same time as Grand Theft Auto III,
so it may be possible that the exact same team of developers is working on the
sequel. All next generation Rockstar offerings are expected to run on the Rockstar
Advanced Gaming Engine (as first used in Rockstar Presents Table Tennis) so
if Manhunt has indeed shifted platform, it at least has a basis for running,
but that would mean that all the assets would need to be redone. If all this
is true, and we can only speculate, then I wouldn&#8217;t expect the game any
earlier than 2008, which would be a huge disappointment to many. This news comes
just hours before the 3 years mark that Manhunt first came out in North America.</p>
<p>In other news it was recently announced that the Playstation 3 wasn't fully
backwards compatible, listing that at least 200 Playstation 1 and 2 titles encounter
loading and sound issues. We were wondering if this also included Manhunt as
it was previously announced that Manhunt didn't play well on the Xbox 360, since
the PS3 is out today in North America we would appreciate if anyone who was
lucky enough to get hold of one to contact us and let us know if the game works
and if any problems were occurred from playing through the levels.</p>
Posted on: Nov 17 09:11 pm 2006 by: pogo

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