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Rumour | Microsoft keen to buy Rockstar Games?
<p> The fact that the next gen version Grand Theft Auto is coming out on Xbox
360 and at first was announced as an apparent exclusive at Microsoft's E3 press
conference the rumours have been flying.</p>
<p>They have also been saying that Microsoft has been interested in buying Rockstar
Games from &quot;struggling&quot; Take Two for a while now, the reasons for
this include the above and the following. The fire that wiped out Take Two's
New York studio apparently almost causing them to file for bankruptcy, the fact
that the GTA series has continued to sell out in every store and that it is
always a big earner for Take Two. The final fact people have come up with is
the fact that Rockstar have sacked over half of its employees, you will remember
the recent news that the Rockstar's Vienna studios closed altogether, Rockstar
did this aparently to make room for people from another company namely Microsoft.</p>

<p>The reasons that make it likely Take Two will sell off Rockstar Games include
the recent string of companies and people suing Take Two over content in Rockstar's
games, one of these people being Roger Hill suing about his character's likeness
from the Warriors video game being used without his permission, another is Jack
Thompson often trying to get games banned or censored. Another reason being
disgussed is the long periods of time between the games Rockstar publish. After
the recent Grand Jury Subpoenas being issued to Take Two and the news the Securities
and Exchange Commission are investigating Take Two because of the stock option
grants given to employees starting 1997, it is likely Take Two need some extra
money freed up incase of any fines.</p>
<p>These facts above are said to mean that a buy out or sell off is likely, i
don't know what that will mean for Manhunt 2 but it is likely to be put on hold
or cancelled if this is the case. Take Two certainly needs all the money they
can get at the moment but if they do sell is 2K, 2K Sports, Joytech and Global
Star Software enough to keep them going? I think they will be but we all know
Rockstar is the big money maker. Anyway treat this news as a throw away <strong>rumour</strong>
for now as Rockstar and Take Two have yet to confirm or deny anything.</p>
Posted on: Jul 20 09:38 pm 2006 by: lazlow

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