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Manhunt News | Take Two Issued with Grand Jury Subpoenas
<p> This came up last week but i decided not to post the news, this was until
i read today that investors are dropping out. Take Two are under further investigation
into mini games &quot;Hot Coffee's&quot; and other similar things including
anything else that shouldn't be in games made by Rockstar games. </p>

<p>Last week the investigation was launched into Rockstar Games and Take Two dating
back a full 5 years. The investigation will look at hidden scenes included in
any of the games published and at documents that say the company's officers
and directors knew they were being made. I am not aware of anything being in
Manhunt that shouldn't be but there are a few smaller things that we are calling
&quot;Easter eggs&quot; such as hidden save points and objects even characters
like Piggsy are hidden unless you use the Trainer provided in the downloads
section of the site, it just goes to show you never know what could be hidden
away. As it is going back 5 years Manhunt will definatly be investigated.</p>
<p>As mentioned above inverstors seems to be dropping out one financial analyst
said he would &quot;avoid the company's shares until the criminal investigation
is concluded.&quot; Take Two's shares have dropped to a new 52 week low, also
mentioned on Gamespot was the following.</p>
<p>Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan said he was maintaining a Hold rating,
but suspending any price target for the stock.</p>
<p>Pachter said that due to the criminal nature of the current investigation,
<strong>the future for Take Two is uncertain</strong>.</p>

<p>The subpoenas leave us baffled, and raise the specter of quite serious consequences,&quot;
,&quot; We believe that other parties may have also received subpoenas, as
it is customary for a criminal investigation to include all parties involved
in the alleged criminal activity. Although we are in no position to know what
the grand jury hopes to accomplish, we think it is likely that current and
former Take-Two employees and directors will be asked to testify in the future.</p>
<p> It can't help that Take Two's also being sued at the same time for the game
The Warriors also made by Rockstar Games for using a character's likeness that
the actor Roger Hill claims he didn't allow to be used, in the movie he played
the character Cyrus. He is suing for $250,000 a Take Two spokeman said &quot;The
company has a valid third-party license for the rights to use Roger Hill's likeness
and the character of Cyrus in The Warriors video game and related marketing
<p><strong>Source(s):</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">Gamespot</a>,
<a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
Posted on: Jun 28 11:25 pm 2006 by: lazlow

Manhunt News | Rockstar Games to appear at The Penny Arcade Expo
<p> The <a href="" target="_blank">Penny Arcade Expo</a> sent out
a press release the other day stating that Rockstar games would be at the event
in August. The following was quoted from the press release.</p>
<p>On the exhibit floor PAX '06 attendees can expect to get hands on with <strong>yet-to-be-released</strong>
games and products from the likes of exhibitors Microsoft, Nintendo, Nvidia,
ArenaNet, America's Army, Turbine, NCSoft, Ubisoft, Mythic, Sabertooth Games,
Foundation 9, <strong>Rockstar</strong>, Flying Lab, Creative Labs, The Behemoth,
Garage Games and Red Octane among others. . </p>

<p>Rockstar Games have a few games in development so any one of them could be
playable but it is more likely to be one of the few mentioned in the Take-Two
Second Quarter Fiscal. The list of expected games for 2006 were GTA Vice City
Stories in October, An additional PSP title based on another premier brand which
could be Manhunt, and finally Bully which is most likely of the 3. We might
also see trailers from other games set for a next gen release including the
new western title yet unnamed and GTA4. It is most likely though that we will
get a trailer for GTA Vice City Stories.</p>
Posted on: Jun 25 07:40 pm 2006 by: lazlow

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

Posted on: Jan 01 01:00 am 1970 by:

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