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Site News & Updates | New Site On-Line
<p> We are really on the ball with this one, but you will notice the site has
a new design (only took a week to write an update about it). Over the coming
weeks you will notice various little changes around here as things are tweaked
and added too, say, such as the banner at the top of the page that has changing
already. This is the first version of the site that has actually been designed
to be on-line, look at the <a href="">Site
Information</a> page for more on that. Various page names have been altered
and sections re-thought. The primary purpose of this re-design was to make for
easier updating, as well as easier navigation between pages. The pages that
already existed have been heavily updated, so there is likely information you
where un-aware of everywhere you look.</p>

<p> The <a href="" target="_blank">forum</a> has recently had
a face lift also, so you might want to peep that out. Now all that is left is
for you to check it all out and give us feedback. </p>
<p>Just as a foot note to the previous news post, it seems as though Mr. Urbaniak
is certain of it being a Manhunt sequel and not just a working title, he has
confirmed that it is Manhunt 2 and when asking about cursing he says &#8216;I
do knock off a few curse words&#8217;. We had to ask, since we had a feeling
it may have been additional pick up lines for Bully, and since Bully has a rating
of T (for teen) that pretty much rules out the use of foul language. He isn&#8217;t
at liberty to say anymore on the matter, other than he is certain of it being
<p>We have also had a quick look over at the <a href="" target="_blank">United
States Patent and Trademark Office</a> to check if there had been any developments
on any patent registrations from Take-Two, all we turned up (that was relevant)
was that the registration date for Manhunt now states &#8216;February 28 2006&#8217;.</p>
Posted on: Mar 27 10:41 pm 2006 by: pogo

Rumour | Voice Actor Premature Confirmation?
<p> Actor James Urbaniak recently posted the following on his <a href="" target="_blank">Live
Journal</a> site:</p>
<p>Speaking of killing people, today I recorded a character on RockStar's next
Manhunt game. There's a confidentiality agreement and I am sworn to secrecy
but I will disclose this much: I'm a bad guy. This meant, of course, recording
various sinister taunts and, on the off chance that the player actually defeats
my character, various death sounds. The guy who directed the session was in
the sound booth with me, describing and miming the various ways my character
is attacked as I responded with grunts, gasps, gurgles and groans. My script
ended up covered in spittle.</p>

<p>The post dates back to the 16th of March and the source seems legitimate. This
is the second voice actor to state as much over the internet in recent months,
the last time it occurred I chose not to post it since the source failed to
respond to the last query that I sent to him, perhaps he was instructed otherwise.</p>
<p>James Urbaniak performed the voice of Innocentz #5 in the original Manhunt.
For more information on James check out his <a href="" target="_blank">IMDB</a>
and <a href="">MySpace</a> pages respectively.</p>
<p>Still not official news but it is certainly looking more promising, with the
announcement of a Rockstar sequel, magazine speculation and voice actor confirmation,
just how long can it be until we get an official word on the matter?</p>
Posted on: Mar 23 04:55 pm 2006 by: pogo

Manhunt News | The Price of Creativity
<p> Ever wondered just how much the creative team behind a hit game is worth to
a company? Then read on. </p>
<p>1. Take-Two Interactive revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange
Commission (SEC) yesterday that the company has entered into a three year
$25 million employment agreement with &quot;key Rockstar personnel.&quot;
The agreement, which was revealed in a 10-Q filing, is structured to compensate
the Rockstar employees with restricted stock in Take-Two Interactive and &quot;unspecified&quot;
internal royalties.</p>
<p>According to the filing, the deal was made because the company is &quot;highly
dependent on the expertise, skills and knowledge of certain of our Rockstar
employees responsible for content creation and development of Grand Theft
Auto and other titles.&quot; The filing contains the standard caveat that
the agreement does not guarantee the long-term employment of the Rockstar
staff nor does it guarantee the future success of any games developed by Rockstar.</p>

<p> 2. In a note to investors this morning, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst
Michael Pachter suggests the deal could come back to hurt Take-Two. He suggests
that the next two console versions of the series will debut in fall of 2007
and fall of 2009, meaning the three-year agreement will only see one true
console sequel to the series through to completion. Between $25 million in
increased expenses plus whatever increase was made to Rockstar's royalties
on the series (Pachter assumes the new agreement includes a higher royalty
rate), Pachter thinks the company will have a harder time meeting expectations
for its 2007 and 2008 fiscal year. </p>
<p>For more information about the above mentioned and more check out the Take-Two
Interactive Software Quarterly Report which can be located <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
<p><strong>Source(s):</strong> (1)<a href="" target="_blank">IGN</a>,
(2)<a href="" target="_blank">Gamespot</a>,
<a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
Posted on: Mar 14 07:43 pm 2006 by: pogo

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