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Site News & Updates | Latest Updates
<p> I have some more site updates to report. Check out the <a href="">Media
Coverage</a> section as we have now archived all of the reviews from various
websites. The <a href="">Downloads</a>
section has also been updated with a new wallpapers from Pogo. The news can
now be commented on simply by clicking the link below or <a href="">Here</a>
the news colours/images were also changed so it fitted in better with the site.

The <a href="">Image Gallery</a> has been updated
again with various things including Magazine scans, Instruction Booklet scans
and promotional images, new colours/images/banners were added and we have also
added a discription to most of the images now. The <a href="">Forums</a>
were updated/cleaned again and we added a function to them so we can merge topics
this should help everyone out so if your topic goes missing it is most likely
merged. Speaking of the forums the main image had a festive feel added also
the sites top image was also given a feastive feel including a message and santa
hat as you no doubt noticed.</p>
<strong>Merry Fucking Chistmas from Manhunt Uncut! </strong>
Posted on: Dec 25 06:36 pm 2005 by: Lazlow

Site News & Updates | 2004 UK Games Economy Statistics
Just some site updates to report, check out the <a href="mediacoverage.htm"><strong>Media Coverage</strong></a> section as I thoroughly went over it all but the reviews have been archived on the site. I also got around to updating the <a href="beta.htm"><strong>Beta</strong></a>, <a href="trivia.htm"> <strong>Trivia</strong></a>, <a href="misc.htm"><strong>Misc</strong></a>, <a href="unlockables.htm"> <strong>Unlockables</strong></a> and <a href="videos.htm"><strong>Video</strong></a> sections of the site. We are also now accepting affiliates, banners and buttons have been created to <a href="links.htm"><strong>link</strong></a> to so get in touch with us if you would like to exchange <strong><a href="links.htm">Links</a></strong>.<br /><br />I have also created a festive wallpaper for you all to download. Click the image below to go to that.<br /><br /><p align="center"><a href="downloads.htm#festivewallpaper"><img src="images/downloads_thumb_wallpapers_original_03.jpg" alt="Festive Wallpaper" width="160" height="120" border="0"></a></p><br /><br />In other news, I was looking around the web and stumbled across a list of the top 100 developers to contribute to the UK economy in 2004 and Rockstar North came in at a second place (that is correct, Rockstar North alone, not including the other Rockstar branches) contributing a whopping &pound;71 ($131) million to the UK alone. Only toppled by EA, which by the way is the biggest games publisher on the market. The article goes on to say &#8220;The feat is all the more impressive when Rockstar North only released two titles in the twelve months period, Manhunt on Xbox and GTA: San Andreas for PS2.&#8221;<br /><br /><p align="justify">Congratulations to Rockstar North for a well earned statistic. It just goes to prove it is all down to quality rather than quantity.</p>
Posted on: Dec 18 09:41 pm 2005 by: pogo

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