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If you would like to affiliate with us then get in contact with us here. Be sure to include the URL to your site and your banner if you wish to do so. The banner sizes that are acceptable are 88x31 and 468x60. please do not email us with a banner exceeding these set sizes. When linking back to us please use one of the banners provided by clicking here.


Please upload the banners onto your own account, don't direct link. Two variant sizes of banner have been provided.

Right click > Save Target as.

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468x60 Banner

468x60 Banner

Official Rockstar/Take-Two Sites

Official Manhunt site from Rockstar Games.

Official Manhunt 2 Website
Official Manhunt 2 site from Rockstar Games.
Rockstar Games
Official Rockstar Games Website.
Rockstar North
Official Rockstar North Website.
Rockstar London
Official Rockstar London Website.
Rockstar Toronto
Official Rockstar Toronto Website.
Rockstar Leeds
Official Rockstar Leeds Website.
Manhunt Promotional Site
Manhunt Competition
Promotional competition. Now closed.
Take-Two Games
Take-Two Interactive
Resident Evil Fan Site
Alien Experience
An expansive website dedicated to Alien
Resident Evil Uncut
Resident Evil Uncut
Prince of PersiaFan
Prince of Persia Fan Site
A Great Videogame Press Resource
Grand Theft Auto Series
The GTA Underground - Where The Only Dirty Word Is Hope
Killer 7 SINdicate
The Bitter End
Grand Theft Auto Source
Bully Board
Resident Evil Beta
GTA Lounge
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